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About Me

Hi, my name is Dan Perez. I've taught hundreds of enthusiastic newcomers how to learn and appreciate tricking, helping them achieve skills of all difficulty levels. I'm known in the martial arts tricking community as one of the world's most knowledgeable and capable instructors, and my ideas have been adopted by many martial arts & tricking instructors. I am the creator of the Cinematic Martial Arts (CMA) program, and I have coached generations of instructors & athletes on the safest, most effective methods for learning martial arts tricking.

"Dan Perez is a uniuqely gifted tricker and martial arts instructor. He is world-renowned as a leading expert in the discipline, as well as one of the only tricking athletes who can perform all his moves on both sides."

-Jefferson Lewis, professional stuntman & veteran tricker

What I Can Do For You

I've studied martial arts tricking down to a science. I can pinpoint exactly what hinders your progress, and together we will create a plan to improve your approach in making your tricks easier while reducing your risk of injury. I've used my methods in training athletes to boost consistency and land new skills (including inverts) without fear or crashing. I will teach you my training system using a combination of one-on-one private online coaching sessions and access to my exclusive Cinematic Martial Arts curriculum.

"When my son Aidan first started learning tricking, we found that he was held back by the constant crashing. In Dan Perez' world tricking is completely different. Every move is broken down, & most of the time there's no crashing at all."

-Simon Lok, parent of SAG actor & karate/tricking athlete

How My Coaching Works

I’ve developed an entire system of progression, beginner to expert, to advance any tricker at any skill level from their current abilities to wherever they want to be; I call it "Cinematic Martial Arts." CMA is most noteably taught at the world reknown Joining All Movement facility in Los Angeles, California as well as another tricking hotspot, Martial Posture in Philadelphia. Cinematic Martial Arts has been recognized as the most in-depth and safest training system ever created to teach martial arts tricking to athletes of all abilities.

Why CMA Works:

  • Safe, structured progressions

  • Reduce or eliminate crashing

  • No equipment or spotting

  • Track your abilities

  • Constant & consistent gains

  • Advance through levels like in martial arts

"Cinematic Martial Arts is a systematic and organized way to learn tricking safely and successfully. I've been using Dan's system of training my students and also myself, and I've learned more from CMA than in the ten years' time I've been tricking altogether."

-Ish Payne, Martial Posture Owner & Lead Instructor

Teach Me Tricking Includes:

Pricing & Enrollment

Choose an enrollment option below to gain access to CMA curriculum content specific to your ability level & goals; in-between each session you'll use this as homework to continue progressing. You'll get the white (beginner) wristbands to start, and advance through the program via online testing with Daniel Perez when you're ready to reach the next rank. No commitments: cancel or take a break if you need to!