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What Makes TMT Different?

"When my son Aidan first started learning tricking, we found that he was held back by the constant crashing. In Dan Perez' world tricking is completely different. Every move is broken down, & most of the time there's no crashing at all."

-Simon Lok, parent of SAG actor & karate/tricking athlete

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Dan Perez | Tricking Instructor With Over 20 Years' Experience

Not everyone who can do tricks can teach them to others. As a teacher I am known for the unparalleled depth and detail in my breakdowns. Are you a top-tier super athlete? If so you probably don't need my help. I excel in matching realistic skill progressions to regular humans who don't have springs for legs. I can help you learn tricks safely and consistently, without crashing.

Can You Teach Me Tricking?

"Dan Perez is a uniuqely gifted tricker and martial arts instructor. He is world-renowned as a leading expert in the discipline, as well as one of the only tricking athletes who can perform all his moves on both sides."

-Jefferson Lewis, professional stuntman & veteran tricker

How Does Teach Me Tricking Work?

Learn Tricking With Structure

Teach Me Tricking is based on my Cinematic Martial Arts program; it's a structured curriculum for learning tricking with levels like in the martial arts. There is no special equipment, spotting, or crashing required. CMA uses safe, structured progressions to eliminate fear and reduce the risk of crashing. instead of being told how to do a complicated movement such as a butterfly twist, students are equipped with the knowledge of concepts necessary to help teach themselves new skills (every new skill is built from one you've already learned, beginning with very simple exercises). The techniques are structured into levels, with each one building toward more dynamic and difficult material.

Learn tricks. Level up.

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Does A Curriculum Help?

"Cinematic Martial Arts is a systematic and organized way to learn tricking safely and successfully. I've been using Dan's system of training my students and also myself, and I've learned more from CMA than in the ten years' time I've been tricking altogether."

-Ish Payne, Martial Posture Owner & Lead Instructor

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Enroll in my program to gain access to over 20 hours of tricking lessons, plus a separate catalog of over 400 short tutorials, starting at Level One. Analysis of your footage and email feedback is included for all current subscribers.
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