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Teach Me Tricking


Introducing a new level-based catalog of follow-along style lessons by Dan Perez

What is the TMT Academy?

The Teach Me Tricking Academy is a catalog of follow-along style lessons taught by Dan Perez, utilizing the structure of his Cinematic Martial Arts curriculum. You can train the material at your own pace, and test to unlock new levels as you advance in your tricking abilities. No spotters, special equipment, or experience required!

TMT Academy features:

  • Safe, structured progressions

  • Reduce or eliminate crashing

  • No equipment or spotting

  • Follow-along class structure

  • Arranged by category & difficulty

  • Advance through levels like in martial arts

The TMT Academy is different from Teach Me Tricking, in that it is offered as a cheaper alternative for learning using just the follow-along lessons (as opposed to including access to the Cinematic Martial Arts curriculum and regular online lessons with Dan Perez.)

Pricing & Enrollment

Choose an enrollment option below to get started. You'll get the white (beginner) wristbands to start, and advance through the program by completing testing videos in each level whenever you're ready. No commitments: cancel or take a break if you need to!

$50 / month


Enroll in the Teach Me Tricking Academy and start learning now!

Want to get access to the Cinematic Martial Arts Curriculum and Online Lessons with Dan Perez? Sign up for Teach Me Tricking instead.